At Digital Salon, we love to share the success stories of our customers and some of the benefits moving online has had for their business.

Today we have Lorraine Martin, owner of Revo Hair and Beauty in Cork, who have created a 5 star salon experience and where ‘creativity is fostered & different is the norm’

Lorraine shares why she decided to make the move online and why she selected to partner with Digital Salon.

Q: What were the key problems you were trying to solve?
A: The problems we were trying to solve when we brought Digital Salon onboard to provide our website was that we were a relatively new salon and not a lot of people knew about us or our location.
This gave us a great platform to be able to showcase our standard of work, my team in the salon and also our salon as a whole. We also set up our online shop which has been huge for our business.

Q: Why did you choose to work with Digital Salon?
A: The offer we received from Digital Salon was significantly lower than ones I had received from other companies, Their portfolio of clients was very impressive and they have great knowledge of the industry. The key reason we decided to work with Digital Salon was not only down to the price but the support and feedback they gave us from day 1. The help they gave me made me feel so comfortable, it was stress free and we love our website.

Q: What benefits have you seen so far?
A: The benefits we have seen are there in black and white. More client bookings due to the facility of online bookings on our website (provided by Shortcuts Salon Software), we are selling more vouchers, the shop has been an excellent addition to our business, and also we can showcase our work, team and publicise any salon offers that we have, it’s really great.

Q: How has working with Digital Salon been for you?
A: Working with Digital Salon exceeded my expectations on how quickly everything was done. They seemed to understand exactly what we needed on our website, made suggestions right through the whole process, and they are very fast with changes and proofs, so much so that after the website we went and installed a Digital Sign in our window aswell. So if your thinking of adding a website, digital screen or booking software to your business, you won’t regret working with Digital Salon.

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