COVID has sparked a huge growth in the number of salons looking to offer online bookings to their customers. While the salon sector has been slow to adopt this in comparison to other sectors, salon owners now see the many benefits it offers and are flocking to get software and online bookings systems into their salons.

However, many underestimate the number of bookings that will come through the online booking option. As your target market spend up to 4 hours online each day, online booking is their preference, and as such, once you launch this service, there will be a large number of people that opt to use it due to the convenience it offers them.

Most salon owners don’t foresee the hidden costs some salon software providers charge for online booking, and you may not be aware of how much.


Some salon software providers are charging between €.50 and €1.50 per booking!


As an example, if your salon does 100 online bookings a month, (approx. 4 per day) this will cost your salon up to an extra €150 per month or €1,800 per year on top of the regular monthly salon software bills! If like many salons, you do 200+ bookings a month, this is incredibly expensive.


John Donnelly, MD of Digital Salon says “What salons need in these uncertain times is consistency of their bills and a good understanding of their cashflows. Having expensive & unexpected bills come in for things such as online bookings is a real problem for many salons, which is why so many are moving to Shortcuts because Shortcuts Salon Software charges nothing for online bookings.

With Shortcuts your monthly fee is all you will ever have to pay, so it gives salon owners the comfort that there will be no surprises”

Shortcuts Salon Software is used by over 14,000 salons worldwide and by hundreds of the top salons across Ireland including Peter Mark. If you would like to have the easiest to use Appointment system in your salon and DO NOT want to pay crazy online booking fees, talk to us today!

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