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There are a number of things you can do to really nail Black Friday this year.  In this Blog post we will be telling you just what you can do to get ahead of the competition this year!

Running ads is essential around this time to maximize bookings and shop sales. However, it will be harder for your business to be visible and might require some extra budget if you were late to the game. 

Brand awareness is essential in the weeks before Black Friday, through consistent ads not trying to hard sell, but rather let your customer know you’re there.
But from the week out it’s time to start pushing your deals and sales through creative strategies that will cut through the noise. 

Think Targeting – Think of your ideal customer
Are they male / female? How old are they? Where do they live?
And what kinds of things are they interested in? Not just in terms of Hair and Beauty but also outside of this.
What food are they into? sports? What do they do for work?

All of these are targeting options on Social ads platforms. So build your audience persona and create an audience using these interests and demographics to ensure you get in front of the right people.

Make sure to create Black Friday specific campaigns. Black Friday is a great time to attract new customers, but what you want to focus on is retaining this new audience. All of these engagers with your site should be funnelling into a retargeting audience for your social ads. You can continue to target them and offer value leading into the quieter months. 

With Google Ads, you should be using black friday specific keywords, so potential customers can find your deals.

Make the most of your Search Ads by ensuring you are running Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) and Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) in every ad group to catch additional traffic and don’t forget about Display Ads! These are great ways to effectively target shoppers who have previously engaged with your brand.

Other ways to enhance your Salon’s content and services this Black Friday are by using promotion extensions across Search and Shopping, better known in Shopping as Merchant Promotions, to highlight the brand’s best deals, and image extensions to bolster your presence on the SERP.

PPC Campaigns are one cog in the great wheel of Black Friday Marketing. To ensure you have the best strategy possible a holistic approach is key. This means making sure each of your channels is working together under one cohesive message and strategy. Shoppers might see a handful of ads across different platforms in their conversion journey and inconsistency across messaging can cause your overall strategy to become disjointed.

This is a more advanced form of Marketing and is itself a specialty. If you feel as though you could use some help with the management of strategic digital marketing for your salon, talk to us. This service (managed marketing) is our specialty.

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