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Social Media Marketing has changed. It used to be that you could just throw up a few posts and most of your followers would see your content and engage with it.  Now though, you need to be more strategic. You need to have a plan to make sure your message is seen (especially in the busy Black Friday seacon.)
We have compiled a number of things you can do for your Social media to ensure your audience knows about your Black Friday offerings. 

  • Think about your audience. Who uses each channel? Push the content which will appeal to them most. 
  • For example, over on Instagram, consider using shoppable posts to drive sales from directly within the platform. 
  • Update your profile pictures, cover photos and shopping links to highlight your Black Friday sale/deals.
  • Plan and schedule your content in advance.
    And start talking about your sales at least a week in advance to build up anticipation.
  • Highlight the products that are going to be on sale and if only a certain range of products are discounted be sure to state this. 
  • Use hashtags like #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday to make your deals visible to a wider audience.
  • If you are running a sale using a discount code, be sure to provide the code and the dates on which it will be valid.
  • Ensure you can respond quickly to messages.
  • Another way to say thank you and simultaneously promote any Black Friday offers is to run a competition on your salon social leading up to Black Friday, and over the weekend.
  • The prize is hair or beauty services to the value of £x which the winner must take in January/February when it’s likely you’ll be quiet.
  • Running a Black Friday social media contest gives you something to talk about on social media, your email newsletter and salon website during November so you squeeze the maximum from the event.

This can be a time consuming process but when done correctly can yield great results.  However, if you haven’t time to manage your social media on top of the million other things you have to manage, Digital Salon Group offers this service.
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