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Emails are an increasingly integral part of any marketing campaign especially now that tracking cookies are becoming a thing of the past. The People on your email list are the most interested and engaged audience you can speak to.

The trouble is, every Salon/Beauty business will also be trying to compete for your customers’ attention (and ) with their marketing. So, to give your business the best chance of succeeding, here are a few winning tips:

Try to give your email list preferential treatment. For example, allow them to buy with the code on the Thursday before BF. 

Send these emails through a software like Mailchimp, Campaign monitor or any system which will give you stats back so you can see how many people opened and clicked your emails.  This will help you judge the effectiveness of our email content for future emails.

To maximise your email subscriber numbers, add an online booking system that collects your customers’ email addresses. This is an easy and efficient way to build your email lists and use this for retargeting them with new products and deals through Search and or Social ads. 

Email promotions are a great way to stay front-of-mind and offer value to customers. 

Build an attention-grabbing subject line. Some Tips For Writing Performing Black Friday & Cyber Monday Subject Lines:

-Use your salon or spa’s name (surprisingly, it works!).

-Be short and to the point.

-Try to be funny where appropriate.

-Include the term “Black Friday” or use other popular terms such as “holiday”, “gift”, “sale”.

-Don’t use excessive exclamation signs.

-Include some sort of call-to-action.

Keep your content focused and short (ideally 50-124 words).

Craft compelling calls to action e.g
“Shop now”, “take advantage of” and “shop before anyone else ” and “Huge black friday sale” 

Make sure to target people who abandon the purchase cart, and offer more incentives/deals the longer they leave it. (This is possible with the majority of email software platforms)  

There you have it, some key points about how to prepare effective Black Friday email campaigns and Cyber Monday newsletters. And don’t forget: Once you get those sales/bookings, make sure to nurture these relationships with emails afterward so you can turn your new customers into life-long friends.

If this is something you feel that you could use some help with then talk to us. This service as part of our (managed marketing) is our specialty.
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