What if we told you that there’s a way to simplify, improve and expand your beauty business? That you can reach more (potential) customers and make the communication with them much easier?

No hack or tricks, no easy magic nor false promises.

Just a solution and its results.

Here are 6 reasons why you need a beauty appointment booking app

Allow your customers to reach you during all hours

How many times in your busy day have you thought of running an errand or contacting someone only to realize the time is just not right or the phone keeps being busy? A beauty appointment booking app eliminates this nuisance for your customers and allows them to reach you anytime and any place. Don’t lose any business during the non-working hours and take some of the workload from your staff during the working time, freeing them up more for actual treatments instead of bookings.

Gain more control over your bookings

Choose between the two possible booking systems to best match your hair and beauty salon policies and discover which works the best for you. For a more automatic, and easier option, opt for “real time” and allow your customers to directly book one of your currently available slots which then gets added directly to your calendar. However, if you’d prefer to retain more control over the booking, select the “On Request” system which gives you a chance to accept the proposed time, decline it or propose a new one. Both options save you valuable time compared to the phone or email bookings.

Reduce the number of No-Shows (and the total loss of profit)

One of the most frustrating things is losing time and money as a result of clients who, for whatever reason, fail to show up for their booked appointment. Yes, it can happen to anyone and it’s only human, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant for you.

What might help iis to charge a deposit for your bookings which is exactly what beauty appointment booking apps allow you to do. Set a fixed or a percentile deposit amount and decide the deadline after which it becomes non refundable. This will both decrease the number of no-shows and still retain some value for the time allocated to them.

Additionally, automated remainders in the form of email or SMS will further reduce the numbers of no shows.

Improve your Google rankings

Google reviews and customer testimonials are becoming more and more important both for potential new customers as well as Google algorithms. Sending your clients who have just walked out of your salon looking great and feeling even better a review request right after their appointment is a great way to boost those review numbers and improve your website ranking. To help them actually complete it, offer them both the option to simply award you points, for those short on time, and to write a review, for those wordier.

A clear overview of all your appointments

Not having your appointments jotted down in an old-style notebook allows you and your team to easily access and manage it from any device any time. Colour coding is another added functionality which allows for a simple differentiation between different services or staff members who are booked at the moment. Moreover, the option to view the appointments based on a day or date range is another useful trait by which beauty appointment booking app makes your work, and life, easier.

It’s easy step an account up

You can have your business profile set up and ready to go in just a few minutes and in no time you’ll be wondering how you have ever worked without it! All you need to do is click on a link, enter your salon essential details and enjoy the full benefits of the beauty appointment booking app. Include information about your business hours, services you provide and their prices as well as available staff and you’re ready to go.

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