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Nowadays, it’s basically impossible to imagine a serious business that invokes trust without having a good quality website which is easy to navigate, provides useful information and inspires trustworthiness. A website is fundamentally a business’ window shop and a public front face – it’s someone’s first contact with your hair salon and, as such, has the power to either attract new customers or repel them. What this depends on is its quality and the message it sends.

So, how do you create your own hairdresser website?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to give an existing product a makeover, there are two options how you can go about it – you can either do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

Depending on your level of knowledge, you may choose to create your own hairdresser website, which is convenient because you effectively eliminate the step in which you have to communicate your vision to someone else. There are plenty of easy to use website builders which provide numerous templates to cater to your needs. While this option is also more budget-friendly, it will take up a lot of your time and energy which otherwise might be directed to your clients or growing your business.

Alternatively, hiring a professional will produce faster, better quality results in line with both your input and the latest industry trends. A professional has the experience and technical knowledge to custom-create whatever you may need and tune those finer adjustments that make all the difference. Just like the results are never just quite the same when your clients decide to experiment a bit on their own instead of turning to you, so is the professionally made website likely to run smoother, achieve better rankings and attract more users’ attention.

How do you make your hairdresser website good?

Creating a website for your hairdressing salon is another tool to showcase your services and/or products, introduce your team, and, ultimately, attract new clients. For the best possible results, it’s important to make sure it has all that it needs and meets all the necessary technical fundamentals. 

A good hairdresser website provides plenty of useful information, tells a story of your business and staff and what sets you apart from your competition. It is fast to load, mobile-friendly and optimized for Search Engines. Its purpose has to be quite clear from the first glance and it has to be intuitively navigable as not to confuse your visitors.

So how to achieve that?

Get a custom domain name

Let’s take a step back and start this right straight from the start. Not only will a custom tailored domain matching your business name serve branding purposes and make it easier for the users to find your salon online, it will also help them remember it longer. Also, domains such as .com, .net or the country domains appear more professional and trustworthy and tend to generate more visits, which is why they should be your first choice.

Make it stylish

The first thing that your website visitors are going to notice is its style and, being in the beauty industry, you know just how much looks matter. So, make sure that whatever style and mood you’ve selected for your business is also reflected on your website. To achieve consistency and easier recognizability, stick to the same color scheme, fonts and vibe as in your physical salon.

Include these five key pages

While the content may differ to accommodate your unique services, needs and wishes, there are five key pages that every good hairdresser website should have:

  • Homepage – a welcome page introducing the essence of your business
  • Appointment Booking page – with or without charging fees, it significantly shortens your customers’ journey to reaching you and ensures higher conversion rate
  • Services page – where you list all the services that you offer and their price range, possibly even required time and the name of the staff member who performs it
  • About page – where you introduce your business and your team and allow the visitors to get a closer idea of who you are and what you’re all about
  • Contact page – for those that aren’t yet ready to use the appointment booking page or would like more information, include phone number, e-mail address, physical address and, of course, open hours

Add certificates, photos and customer review

If yourself or any of your staff members obtained any professional certificates, your website (along with the walls of your salon) is the perfect place to brag about it. Customers love knowing that they are in trained, professionally appraised hands whom they can trust. 

Furthermore, posting a lot of before/after content and recommendations from your satisfied clients allows the visitors to see your work before setting foot, and investing their time and money in your salon. It is proven to drive more conversions and helps the viewers to better remember your business.

Link social media

Offer your website visitors another channel where they can not only enjoy the art you create but also contact you for information and bookings. It’s a great place to include all those photos and videos that might clutter or slightly slow down your website but you still want to showcase. Adding social media buttons directly to your website gently prompts engaged visitors to explore more of your content without any distractions.

However, even a great website will have limited results if no one knows about it. So, once you create your website, make sure you promote it by adding it to your e-mail signature, social media posts, business cards and tell everyone about it.

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