SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your website visibility on Google. With high Google rankings, you can expect many new visitors coming to your website looking for your hairdressing services.

With all of the knowledge from digital marketing now available for free on the internet, why not use SEO to boost your sales at the hair salon? We know – it might seem so overwhelming with complicated technical vocabulary only known to marketers. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Actually, using SEO for hair salons has never been easier.

We are giving you five simple ideas on how to use SEO for your hairdressing business which you can start today with little or no investment.

1.   Create a mobile-first website and build a social media community.

To boost your SEO efforts, you need to build your mobile-first website. Since this step is crucial because of the tech SEO optimization, we would recommend you hire a professional to assist here . After the website is tested and developed, you can try it with SEO efforts and social media. Depending on the efforts, the first results should be visible after a couple of months.

Social media is crucial in anything beauty-related nowadays, and this is the case for hairdressing businesses. You don’t have to use every social media platform; you can focus on those where your customers are. If your customers are younger, we would recommend Instagram and TikTok. If your customers are older women, then Facebook might be best suited.

Use social media and your website to answer your customers’ questions. This is how you will build trust among your target audience, which you can leverage later.

2.   Optimize your local SEO by asking your customers to give you Google reviews.

Answering the search intent is the latest SEO trend that is here to stay, according to SEO experts. Google is constantly updating  its algorithm so that the most relevant information is shown in the top spot. Even SEO tools are now guessing the intention behind each keyword – are the people googling ready to buy or just looking for extra information? SEO and other spheres of digital marketing have the challenging task of optimizing the user journey so that after googling the info, the right businesses target users, and the user eventually purchases the product or service.

What does search intent do with local SEO or the hairdressing businesses? Local SEO includes your geographical location with at least three listings appearing on Map Pack. With local SEO optimized, Google will rank higher your business listing. As a result, local users searching for your business will find you more easily.

3.   Build your authority in the hairdressing niche by starting a blog, and continually adding to it.

Starting a blog is an easy and fun way to build your authority in any market niche. Choose your favorite hair beauty topics and cover them once a week. Try writing once a week every month, and after a few months, Google will recognize your efforts and reward you with rankings.

You don’t have to be the most eloquent person, writer, or author to write blogs – you can document your journey as a hairdresser, share tips and tricks, or beautiful transformations. You can research popular keywords on Google Planner, Answer the Public, or other free SEO tools, but we would recommend you just to write content organically. The results will show eventually with your other efforts on local SEO, social media, and website.

4.   Use Instagram and TikTok as an off-site SEO to drive traffic to your website.

Beautiful hair transformations are popular with beauty lovers who consume TikTok and Instagram. We encourage you to shoot video content in your salon and use the format to boost your sales and bookings further. This can be beneficial on many levels for your hairdressing business, and it can also play a role as an off-site SEO. As we mentioned, you don’t have to be a social media professional to shoot video content on your phone. The apps made it very easy to shoot and edit the video content, but if you feel out of touch, you can always ask for help from someone younger.

Instagram and TikTok play a prominent role in the beauty sphere. Even if you disregard any other suggestion we made in this article regarding SEO for hair salons, we would say that this is the advice you should not skip if you want to be in a business for a long time.

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