As you might have noticed, beauty services have marked exponential growth in the past decade. However there are both advantages and disadvantages to this, especially if we consider the competitive nature of the market. If you build a good marketing strategy for your salon, you will have nothing to worry about, if not, what are you waiting for?

Beauty marketing is a very demanding marketing field and if you don’t have a concrete goal and marketing strategy for your beauty business, you are just going to end up burning through the marketing budget without making any noticeable difference.

However, keep in mind that good reputation and new clientele will not come overnight, success is accumulation of many short term goals and little milestones – so let’s see how you can improve your beauty marketing strategy and bring in new customers.

Beauty marketing: How can you be better than the others?

Allow us to rephrase this:

How can your beauty salon stand out from other salons in the beauty market?

  1. Have an online booking option

First thing that you should do after building a website for your salon is setting up an online booking system.


  • It’s easy to share on social media which will help you to build a new client database.
  • You can later use emails for sending Newsletters with promotions and new trends.
  • Some people like to set up their own appointments and it will reduce mistakes.
  • Some people get anxious when they have to call for an appointment or do it in person, the online booking system makes it easier for them.

Moreover, setting up an online booking system for your hair salon is easier than you might think, contact us and we can do it for you!

  1. Follow up with hair care tips after appointments

Everyone likes free tips, especially when they come from a professional! Sending follow-up messages with hair care tips after an appointment is a foolproof beauty marketing strategy that will make clients love you!

Also, that is one of the easiest ways to build loyalty and trust – it makes you look like you genuinely care.

  1. Start writing about beauty trends on your website

Here are the main four reasons why you should start writing a blog for your beauty salon:

  • It will improve your search results and ranking on Google
  • It will help customers to find you and discover more about your style of working through your blog posts.
  • It’s a good way to keep your regular clientele and give them inspiration for new hairstyles.
  • You can prepare your new clients for the experience by sending them articles.

Top 5 beauty marketing tips:

Step up your beauty marketing game with these 5 killer beauty marketing tips for 2023!

  1. Beauty marketing tip 1: Running Campaigns For Immediate Results

The type of marketing you run depends highly on what aligns with your vision of the perfect clientele and you should craft that salon image very carefully and thoroughly.

However, when you want some immediate results you can try some of these methods:

  • Paid Facebook & Instagram advertising
  • Email/SMS marketing
  • Campaign communication on the social media platforms
  • Campaign communication on the blog/website

Running campaigns all the time has a cost but it also brings in new clientele quickly if you set it up correctly.

  1. Beauty marketing tip 2: Style development

Number one rule of every brand is the emotion that they invoke in their clients and customers.

There are hundreds of hair salons around, make sure that your vibe is what differs you from your competition.

For example, make sure that your client knows that you are not just cutting their hair – you are helping them in their transformation to become the best version of themselves.

See the difference? Devil’s in the details.

If you want to build your vibe and your brand and become recognizable you have to understand your purpose first. Why do you do what you do? Does it make you feel happy to help someone express themselves through their hair? All of these little things are important.

  1. Beauty marketing tip 3: Be visible

Ideal way to achieve constant visibility and full bookings even when there are 0 active campaigns running actually requires…

Low maintenance but meaningful work! Work that when it’s done properly can give you passive income without you doing anything – and all that without cost.

Examples of smart long-term beauty marketing:

  1. A website that is optimized for search engines
  2. Client reviews
  3. Having your salon profile listed on the main directory websites
  4. E-mail or SMS automation

The work you do today to improve your salon’s discoverability online will serve you for years.

Whenever someone searches for “highlights near me” they will keep finding you.

Just keep in mind that balancing long term and activities for immediate results is important! They both have their role.

  1. Beauty marketing tip 4: Ask clients for reviews

Don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask people for a review!

You have just given them the best haircut in their lives, you are proud of it, they are amazed – use that momentary euphoria to ask for an honest review.

Sometimes it won’t work, but believe us, you will get much more reviews than you ever hoped for!

The thing with reviews is that many clients search for reviews online before they try a new product or service – nothing refers more people to you than an honest review on Facebook, Google or Yelp.

  1. Beauty marketing tip 4: Follow the trends

Easier to say than to actually do it? We know the feeling.

However, if you want more clients and social media exposure you should follow trends!

Videos are garnering so much attention right now and you have to keep up. If you don’t know exactly what to do, give us a call, you can find contact info here, and we will help you to modernize your beauty marketing. 

Why are videos and other media so important now?

  • It’s trendy and it gains a lot of organic traffic with people who are actually interested in what you do.
  • You can show the benefits and results of the shampoo/products that you are using.
  • Clients will get to know your aesthetic.
  • You can show off your client culture.
  • It’s easy – all you really need is your phone.

What do you think about our tips? Are you already implementing them on your own business?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, get in touch, we have skills, experience and vision.

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