Google ads for your salon


Why are Google Ads so important for your Hair, Beauty or Aesthetics business?

Today more than ever, it’s so important to be found online by potential clients, and PPC is one of the best ways to get your salon’s name out there and attract new clients. So if you are a hair salon, beauty salon, or aesthetics clinic looking to grow your client numbers then you need to be using pay-per-click (PPC) ads. 

First of all, let’s define what PPC is.

PPC is a type of online advertising, where you pay for each click on your ad. Basically, you bid on keywords that you want your ad to show up for when people are searching for your services on Google. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay for each click, the cost per click can range from a few cents up to a few euros/pounds depending on how competitive the keyword is.

Here are some examples of Keywords you might be bidding on:
“Hair salon in (Your location)”
“Beauty Salon in (Your location)”
“Laser hair removal near me”
“Hairdresser near me”

So, how does PPC work for hair salons, beauty salons, and aesthetics Clinics?
Well, for starters, it allows you to reach potential clients who are close to booking or actively looking for businesses like yours. When someone types in a keyword related to your business, your ad can appear at the top of the search results,(Even above the maps listings) making it more likely that they will click through to your website and possibly book an appointment.

But it’s not just about getting clicks.

It’s also about targeting the right people. With PPC, you can choose which keywords you want to target, You can also choose the location you want to target. Eg within 20 km of your salon, time of day, and even device type. This means you can show your ads to people who are more likely to make a booking rather than wasting money on people who aren’t. 


Benefits of PPC for your Salon

One huge benefit of PPC is that you can track your results and make improvements to campaigns regularly. It’s all trackable. You have access to all the key information about exactly what your ads are doing for you. You can see exactly how many clicks your ads are getting, how much you are paying per click, and even what the conversion rate is (i.e., how many people are actually booking appointments).  This information can help you optimise your campaigns and get the best return from your ad spend.

Of course, there are some potential downsides to PPC as well. One is that it can be quite competitive, especially if you are targeting popular keywords like “hair salon” or “facial treatments.
This means you may need to be prepared to hire an agency to manage your ads for you so as not to waste money and to make sure you get those new bookings you need.

Secondly, it can take a little time to get your campaigns up and running well. You’ll need to do some research to find out which keywords to target, write really compelling ad copy, and set up tracking and analytics tools. (This will most likely need to be done by a specialist). However, with some patience and persistence, you can create campaigns that bring in a steady stream of new clients over time.


In conclusion, PPC is an essential tool for any hair salon, beauty salon, or aesthetics business looking to grow its client numbers.
By targeting the right people with the right messaging, you can attract new clients and build a strong online presence that helps you stand out from other salons or clinics. Just be prepared to invest some time and money upfront in order to get the results you’re looking for. Good luck! And as always, if you need help with anything we have talked about above please get in touch to see how we can help.


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