Covid assessment forms and waiting lists for salons

Covid-19 self assessment form

Digital Salon has developed a ‘Covid-19 Self Assessment Form’ which you can send to clients the evening before they are due to visit your salon. Submissions from this form can be saved to facilitate contact tracing. This will be an essential part of every salons opening plan and will be required to be done on an ongoing basis. Fully GDPR compliant.

How does it work?

Each evening, you must send a link to your personalised COVID Online Self Assessment form to all customers who are booked into your salon the following day by email or SMS. Your customers fill this form in, and it will be emailed to you and stored incase needed. You can look through all forms prior to their appointment to ensure it is safe to treat that customer. If any government officials ever need to see this for contract tracing reasons, it can be shared with them.

Waiting list tool

With the uncertainty concerning the opening dates for Salons & Spas, more and more clients are contacting Salons to ask if they can go on a waiting list for an appointment when they do open. Digital Salon has now developed a waiting lists for salons feature which can be customised to your Salon and which will allow your clients register their interest in booking an appointment when you open.

How does it work?

A link to your customisable waiting list can be sent to your customer base, added to your website or shared on social media. This will allow you to start building your bookings lists. The feature will allow you to take deposits and screen Clients into categories so that the most vulnerable can be given priority.

Get a personalised form

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