Savings Club
for Salons & Clinics

Savings Club for Salons & Clinics

Build loyalty and increase client spend by helping your clients save for the services you offer!

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Savings Club for

SalonsBarbersFreelancersNail BarsClinics

After speaking with many of our customers, one feature was requested again and again. A way for their clients to save money to put towards services they offer, and a nice and simple way for the salon to manage and redeem this.
Introducing Savings Club!

As well as it being a great way for clients to save against their next service or treatment, our Savings Club feature is a great way for you to lock in client’s loyalty while at the same time boosting your cash flow.

No fixed monthly fee

Pay just 2.5% of the new amounts saved

Best of all, there is

No Upfront Charge for our Saving Club Feature

you only pay when deposits are made.

Many salons offer an informal way for their clients to save money.
However, it’s hard to manage, and hard to scale.
Digital Salon have launched a way for you to encourage your clients to save money towards their future services in your salon.

  • We design a fully branded explainer page for your website, customize your client setup form and provide you with an online dashboard to track savings balances and redemptions.

  • This page explains everything to your clients, how it works for them, how they set it up etc and have an FAQ on it.
  • Here is an example: The Ivy Beauty Savings Club

  • We help you create a Stripe account if you have not got one already. This allows all savings to be transferred to your bank account daily.

  • Now your ready to launch and promote it to your existing clients and to new clients via email marketing and social media. We can help you with this also, providing you with social media posts you can just tweak and post.

Get Set Up on

Savings Club


Making it simple, affordable & hassle-free to start your customer Savings Club.

Simple Pricing, Big Savings!

No fixed monthly fee

Savings Club

  • No set-up fee

  • No fixed monthly fee

  • Pay just 2.5% of the new amounts saved, payable at the end of each month via credit card

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