The Ivy Wellness & Beauty Salon

Case Study - Digital Salon


The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon is a multi award winning Beauty Salon in Waterford. The love for all things beauty and wellness shines through in this little hidden gem. 

Our Objective & The Challenge

Digital Salon had one objective

To generate new aesthetic clients for The Ivy. They specifically wanted to focus on their Aesthetics clinic and increasing new clients for these services.  The Ivy had just partnered with Dr Rory Kelly and wanted to maximise the revenue from this partnership.

The Challenge: Located in an old building, hidden from foot traffic, the Ivy had nearly no visibility. The Ivy had built a good social following of over 4000 followers on Instagram, but this wasn’t being utilised to generate new clients.
Finally, ads budgets were limited so Digital salon needed to develop a strategy that maximizes return for this budget.

Digital Salon’s Strategy & Execution

The Strategy: We focused on positioning the Ivy as a leader in the field, By highlighting the partnership with Doctor Rory Kelly, we added credibility to the Ivy. Our plan involved creating eye catching content to generate awareness, delivering targeted social and Search ads to relevant audiences and leveraging 1st party data by capturing leads data via lead forms.

Channels used:

Google Ads




Digital Salon first set up Google ads, targeting people searching for any of their key aesthetic services. This means that anyone searching for any of these services would see The Ivy’s ads, and be directed to a dedicated Aesthetics at The Ivy landing page, which showed all of the key information potential clients would want to see. Information about the services, prices and a new client offer to entice them to try out this salon. 

Digital Salon’s Strategy
& Execution

Next, the design team created a mix of visually eye-catching carousel ads and video ads to capture the attention of the Ivy’s ideal clients for Social Channels – Facebook & Instagram. The goal of these were to:

  • 1. Generate Awareness of The Ivy as a destination for Aesthetic Treatments
  • 2. Promote their offering of a free consultation for potential clients
  • 3. Encourage new client bookings

We then created custom audiences based on things like demographics, interests, and behaviors to ensure that the ads reached the right people.
We then created 3 separate audience targets to test.

Digital Salon’s Strategy
& Execution

Ads formats: 

  • Image based carousel ads
  • Video ads 
  • We Implement lead capture forms: Digital Salon leveraged lead capture forms (focused on high intent) on Meta to capture user data. The forms were designed to be user-friendly, easy to fill out, and included information incentives such as free consultations to encourage users to share their details.

Compelling ad campaigns:

Digital Salon created Facebook, Instagram and Google ad campaigns targeting the identified customer personas.
The ads showcased The Ivy’s Aesthetic clinic services and highlighted their unique selling points.
They also included a clear call-to-action to encourage users to inquire about the services

Results & Client Feedback

Total Spend:

Average Booking Value:

Total New Clients (2 month period):

Total Booking Revenue:

Return On Ad Spend:

New Website
Users Up:

In the client’s own words:

Emma Fraher Power: Owner, Beauty Therapist”

“We are fully booked, we had so many bookings we had to put on extra appointment slots. The busiest clinic so far. We are 05% booked all the time!”