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Establishing Your Salons Creditability via Your Website Want to know what your salon needs to be at the top of its game? Here are five things your customer wants (and you didn’t even know it).

1. A great online presence!
This is a no-brainer, for both the salon and their clientele. Today’s consumers are going online to find what they want, and if they can’t find your business while searching the web, you can be sure that they will find another salon instead. A Facebook page just doesn’t cut it anymore – you need an actual website. Those consumers will want to be able to see all the details they need in order to decide that they can get their hair, nail or beauty treatment from you, so your website needs to have the basic information such as:

  • Contact details
  • Clear pricing
  • Team information
  • Photos of previous work, styles, etc
  • Special offers

The customer finds you without fuss, and you get a steady stream of clients coming to you. Win-win!

2. Great guys and dolls
Your people make your salon. The trust between stylist, therapist or nail technician and the client is paramount to getting your customers not only through the door, but back, time and time again. Everyone, from the front of house staff to the part-time staff sweeping the floor plays a key role in the journey for your customer, so make sure they are representing you at the absolute best standard at all times. People want a good experience, and if they have to work hard to find you and what you offer, or to book their appointment, chances are they will never become customers. If they can do all of this at a click on their smartphone, chances are, they will keep coming back to you.

3. The One Stop Shop
Being just a hair salon simply isn’t enough any more. Customers want to get their weekly/fortnightly/monthly maintenance done with as little disturbance to their routine as they can, so offering a diversity of treatments is key. Choose your brands well and bring your treatment menu to life with express options, packages at key times of the year and incentives to book a series of treatments at once. This can be cumbersome if done at the reception desk, but is oh so easy once you get yourself online and provide a store that not only offers a range of treatments and products, but can display them 24 hours a day.

4. That Extra Touch
Oh hai massage chair/complimentary coffee/free lovely thing. It probably doesn’t really matter what it is, but if you’ve got the extra touch that makes your customer feel more comfortable, more pampered and all ’round spesh, you’re onto a winner. Leave the no frills approach to the budget airlines and ruffle up a little something to make them feel like your number one. Of course, you also need to make sure your customers know about these extras, special offers and loyalty bonuses, which is where having an online presence with a dedicated website comes in.

5. Top Results
Of course, the main thing people want from any beauty service provider is to walk out of the salon feeling like a million bucks, with a treatment, cut or colour that stands the test of time. Nothing is going to serve your business better than making sure that every person who walks into your salon walks out smiling and feeling like their money was well spent, but those people do need to walk in first, and that is another reason why you need to get online and create a website that ensures you will be found by those looking to look fabulous.

It doesn’t have to be a drain on your resources either. Signing up to Digital Salon means you can have a website without any of the hassles of maintaining it.
Find out how we can help you get found and get ahead of the competition by getting in touch with us today.