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What Else Will A Website Bring My Salon? Stop wondering if you need a website for your hair salon, and start thinking about when you’re going to start mopping up all of these fringe benefits (see what we did there?).

1. Be Found
So you have the best hair and beauty salon to be found for miles around? Congratulations. But how, exactly, do you hope to be found? According to the latest stats from a BIA/Kelsey study, 97% of people searching for a local business do so online. Of them, 98% of searchers hit up a business they find on page one of their search page. Having your own website that is well-informed and frequently updated is the only way these online searchers are going to become your customers.

2. Have Kudos
Put simply, your reputation matters. Whether your potential customer is searching for salon services in your locality, or you’re lucky enough to have someone searching specifically for your business, turning up on page four with only a Facebook presence to your name is simply not going to cut it. Today’s customer has high expectations and if they quickly determine that you don’t have your own website, while your competition is turning up on page one with theirs, they will instinctively assume the other salon is the more reputable one.

3. Tell Your Story
Bump your salon’s visibility from something akin to a Golden Pages listing (a low-ranking Facebook page) to an all-singing, all-dancing, eye-catching story of everything that’s great about your business. With a presence included on an online directory of the best salons, you can choose your colour palette, display your services exactly as you want them to be seen and highlight your location in ways that social media would never allow in their templated, restrictive layouts. Not only do you have control over your key messaging, but your customers get an instant flavour of what your salon’s story is and, hopefully, entices them to find out more.

4. Get Flexibility
Having your own website gives you unrestricted flexibility over the tone, style and content of your online front door. It doesn’t have to take up your time and money either. Signing up to Digital Salon means changes are quick and easy, and completely up to you. It also gives you the flexibility to market your business on more than one platform; if you’ve been using a social media page as your salon’s online presence, you’ve only been reaching one potential audience. Get ready to widen the (hair)net.

5. Use Facebook as Your Friend
Social media is, of course, is going to play a crucial role in driving people to your website. But that’s exactly what its function should be. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not the end of the journey, they are simply a means of bringing people to the business end of your online presence. Populate your website with new content as often as you can to give consumers more reasons to be on your website. That could be via blog posts, special offers or salon news, but the key thing is that you want the users to be spending precious time in the environs of your business, not Mark Zuckerberg’s.

Find out how we can help you get found and get ahead of the competition with an effective and affordable website by contacting Digital Salon today.