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 If you haven’t yet mastered the art of turning clicks into bookings, here are four ways you can start turning your website visitors into salon visitors. (If you still don’t have a website for your hair and beauty salon or your stylist business, check this out).

Live Chat

One of the great advantages of having a website for your salon business is that you are effectively open 24/7 with the essential services information, prices and location details that a potential customer needs. But what if there’s a question they have that you haven’t covered off? Live chat is a great way to find out instantly what your web user has visited your website for and engage in real time. You can jump in just before that crucial moment when someone abandons a decision to call and book, and help them over the line.

Free Trials and Special Offers

Create strong calls to action on your page by highlighting the services an on-the-fence customer will find appealing. If you offer free trials, make sure they get that message loud and clear; if you have a roster of special offers, keep them updated regularly and make it very clear that you offer added value for your customers. And be obvious – use terms like ‘Call Now’ and ‘Book Today’ to make sure they do just that.

Sign Up for Online Exclusives

Find a way to get your online traffic to sign up to your salon with their email address by offering online exclusives (deals or special offers especially for your online community) or tease them with some high-quality, interesting content and then get them to sign up to receive a blog or newsletter with more of the same. Once you have an email address, you can customise your marketing to that client and boost your chances of converting a browser into a customer.


Trust is important across all businesses, of course, but for hair and beauty salons it is surely one of the highest ranking qualities your potential customers are looking for. Traditionally, salons will have built business on referrals and word of mouth; testimonials are the online equivalent of this, and having honest reviews from happy customers is a great trust-builder for your website visitors.
A candid headshot and a few lines about their experience is plenty (especially for bridal services) and if they can recommend a therapist or stylist by name, even better – it brings the personal touch to your website that contributes to higher conversion rates.
Managing your website and increasing web traffic can be time consuming and not every salon owner has the hours in the week to dedicate it. BEUTiFi takes the hassle out of your salon website by providing affordable, monthly support with as little or as much involvement as you choose.
Find out how you can start getting more customers through your door with the help of your own salon website by getting in touch with us.