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Your salon has many team members who all work together to draw in clients – but your most valuable member may not be who you think! While your stylists, receptionist, managers, and other team members are working hard all day long, there’s one thing that never stops promoting your name. If you guessed it’s your website, you’re correct. If you don’t have a website, here’s why you really need one!

Whether you are a successful salon that has been overbooked for years, or you’ve just opened your doors and need chairs filled fast to stay afloat, you need a salon website. It can easily become the most valuable member on your team when it comes to attracting, serving, and pleasing your clients:


1. Make a great first impression before your clients walk in the door

Every hair salon should have the same goal: to create an amazing impression from the very first time a potential client hears your name. In today’s economy, it’s not always a given that clients are coming to salons for professional grooming, and that is why your salon needs to stand out as irresistible.

Just having a website for your salon shows that you are serious about your profession, and have invested in making it a success far beyond simply posting on Facebook or other social media. It not only acts as the virtual salon sign or barber pole that attracts the customers, it also works to convince potential clients that they deserve to treat themselves to an appointment.

The longer they linger on your website, the more likely it is that they’ll become a client, so be sure that your website reflects the feeling you want your clients to have the moment they walk through the doors.


2. Sell more products

One of the biggest struggles stylists face is discovering how to sell more products. When you’re already selling pricey services such as colour and special treatments, it can be tough to tack on salon-quality products too.

However, we all know that selling products is one of the best ways that a busy salon can truly increase revenue. If you have a user-friendly, attractive website that enables you to sell products directly online, you have a great salesperson ready-made, and can add another route for income to flow into your salon.

The best part is that you don’t need to keep repeating your sales pitch to every client. Create a winning sales page on your website and let it do the work again and again with each new visitor.


3. Provide information without taking time away from your busy appointment schedule

Good stylists help clients achieve the look they want, but great stylists help clients understand what they want. Educating clients is a big part of being a successful stylist, but providing information can take up time.

Time is money, especially in a busy salon, and you probably find yourself answering the same sorts of questions over and over. Let your website do the preliminary work of answering some of those basic questions for you!

In addition to having your service menu listed on your website, add a FAQ section with answers to your most common queries. This will save you time, which lets you earn more money. It also helps your clients out – they’ll save time and feel more informed when they arrive, which means it’s a win-win for everyone.


4. Show off your style!

A photo gallery is one of the most essential parts of a salon website because it acts as your professional portfolio. Nothing convinces clients to book an appointment more than seeing your skills at work.

Showing off your colouring technique, your up-do skills, or your special way with curls, is a fantastic way to gain customer confidence. For a client, it can be a waste of time to visit a salon in person to see a portfolio, only to decide that your style doesn’t really match theirs. Having your portfolio online saves you both time, and tells the client that you care about their time too.


Let Your Salon Website Work for You

Getting more bookings, selling more products, and establishing yourself as an expert in this industry are the key points of having a great salon website. And don’t forget one more important point – a website costs you less than any other member on your team.  The value that a great website provides makes this tool essential for any salon. Learn how Digital Salon can help you create your best team member today.