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Refer a Friend!

Refer your salon friends to Digital Salon and you will score up to $300 in savings each.
Friends that stick together, save together!
Know a salon who could use a better website or online booking system?

Spread the word & the savings.

Good friends are hard to find, but surprisingly easy to refer!
Step 1: Refer your friend by filling in the below form.
Step 2: You both receive savings.  Wow that was easy….!

Save you and your friends money! 

Got a friend who really needs to break-up with their current website or software provider? Send a referral to help them move on. As Ireland’s happiest network of salons and most recommended website & software company, we’ve got your back and all your friends’ backs too.

Website Referrals

If you refer a salon for a new website, you will receive 3 months free on your monthly payments. Your friends salon will get $300 off the price of their shiny new website.

If both you and the other salon are new ‘Salon website’ customers, you will both save $300 off your new website price.

Please complete the form below & we will contact your referred salon.

We Are Trusted By Over 500 Hair & Beauty Salons worldwide

We work with some of the biggest names in the hair and beauty sector. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the salon sector so we understand your business and your customers. We aim to be your long term digital partner by providing you with a number of key digital services all in one place, that will benefit your business now and into the future.